Please note that until further notice, all demonstrations and hands-on classes have been canceled due to ongoing social distancing requirements related to the 2019/2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Club leadership is actively working on holding online virtual meetings to allow us to meet remotely. More information on this will be provided as it becomes available.

Month Demonstrator Topic
January Cynthia Gibson Pyrography
February Matt Monaco The skew chisel
March n/a Stemware open workshop (April President's Challenge)
April <canceled> <canceled>
May <canceled> <canceled>
June <canceled> <canceled>
July David Fellows (remote demo - July 6) Lidded Box
  Open Turning Day A face-to-face meeting again! (or at least mask-to-mask) Bring in projects to work on or problems to discuss. Lathes will be available with appropriate social distancing.
August Jim Waterbury (HOC - July 31)  Basket Illusion
  Harvey Meyer (remote demo) Basket Illusion
September Jim Nelson  Chessman Pieces
October Paul Grover  Lathe Tool Sharpening
November Multiple Demonstrators  Texturing Tools
December  <canceled>  

2020 President's Challenges

  • January: [none]
  • February: Woman's or Man's Jewelry (rings, earrings, or pendants)
  • March: Flowers and a Vase
  • April: Long-stemmed goblet (stem must be more than 6" and less than 12")
  • May: Hollow vessel in square stock 
  • June: Tri-corner vessel
  • July: Square-cornered goblet
  • August: Wine glass with wooden stem - not from a kit
  • September: Offset candle holder
  • October: One-piece Christmas ornament
  • November: Three piece hollow form Christmas ornament
  • December: [TBA]