2024 President's Challenges

  • January: Turn a Sphere (Something bigger than a Golf ball but smaller than a soft ball.  You can embellish it if you want or just leave it natural.)
  • February: Small natural edge bowl that this month’s sphere can nest into. They should look like they were made for each other! Use your imagination.
  • March: Four- to eight-inch-tall hollow form vase.
  • April: An embellished piece using the techniques picked up in the March Demo class.
  • May: Should be turned with square aspects and round aspects. Use your imagination, there is no “wrong”.
  • June: A bird house. More on that to follow.
  • July: Turn a spindle piece at least 8” long and then duplicate it as close as possible.
  • August: A bowl made with at least three types of wood.
  • September: 
  • October: 
  • November: 
  • December: