Please note that until further notice, all demonstrations and hands-on classes have been canceled due to ongoing social distancing requirements related to the 2019/2020 COVID-19 outbreak. More information on this will be provided as it becomes available.

Month Demonstrator Topic
January <canceled>  
February n/a Online-only. Show and tell - what have you been working on or what questions might you have to pose to the other members.
March n/a  Open meeting. Lathes available. Bring projects, questions, and ideas to discuss.
April Jim Nelson Offset platters.
May Richard Cale Tea pots.
June David Fellows Tulips and Flowers 
July Mike Weaver  Segmented Projects
August Randy Grant  Bowl in a Bowl
September David Pietras The Funnel Club - How to fix a hole in the bottom of your bowl
October Darryl Jones  Lidded boxes / Acorn-topped lidded boxes (hands-on), Off-axis square lidded boxes (demonstration)
November  Jim Nelson & David Fellows Christmas ornaments
December n/a  "Potluck" Christmas Party

2021 President's Challenges

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