July 8, 2017 (9:00am to 1:00pm)

Mann Tool & Supply, 802 Chris Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169

July's meeting will concentrate on techniques for maintaining sharp tools.

We all love the wood, but sharp tools are fundamental to the art and craft of woodturning. PWT will devote our meeting this month to the discussion, demonstration, and hands-on application of sharpening tools. Members will demonstrate sharpening the sharpening process using a variety of systems and implements, including the Oneway Wolverine system, the Tormek water-cooled grinder, the Sorby ProEdge belt system, and hand sharpening with various stones and slips. Following the demonstrations, PWT members are invited to bring tools for sharpening by the demonstrators and/or sharpen their own tools with assistance.

Since the current President's Challenge is spinning tops, a friendly competition will also be held following the demonstrations to determine who has the top that spins for the longest time.