August 3, 2019 (9:00am to 1:00pm)

Mann Tool & Supply, 802 Chris Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169

Palmetto Woodturners is excited to present "Turning Wood Pottery" and "Understanding the Skew" -- a two-part demonstration by Matt Monaco. (

About the Artist

As a gifted woodturner, Matt has dedicated his craft to making the highest quality and affordable wood-turned products for collectors and all people who value the functionality, warmth and timeless beauty of wooden decor and unique wood pottery in their daily lives.

Matt's connection to nature and over 15 years of experience turning wood has allowed him the opportunity to explore the rigors of creating a skill that translates the splendor of nature in a way that offers his craftsmanship to homeowners, gallery buyers, museum stores and commissioned work opportunities for interior designers as well. Sharing the timeless beauty of nature with his turned wood original designs is Matt's way of keeping the magic of the earth in our homes, our businesses and our lives.

Always mindful of the circle of life and the importance of sustainably sourcing the woods he uses for his designs, Matt seeks out unique wood from the trees of the Ozarks region where he resides. These woods if not utilized in such a unique and eco-conscious way, otherwise would go unused and lay abandoned. Matt extends his sustainable art ethos to recycling all wood chips for use in other products.

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"Turning Wood Pottery"

Matt will demonstrate his techniques for creating pottery-like vessels with an emphasis on proper tool angles to for interior hollowing, eye-pleasing proportions, and use of spindle gouges to create finer detail on exterior surfaces.

"Understanding the Skew"

Matt will help turners "befriend" the skew by showing proper mechanics and use and discussing why and how the tool catches.