Hands-on with Dick Gerard: Turning Wooden Spheres

March 31, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Mann Tool & Supply, 802 Chris Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169

Cost: $100

Registration: [closed]

The hands-on class for April (actually to be held on the last day of March) will feature Dick Gerard, one of the original founding members of AAW and a lifetime member. He has written many articles and has taught overseas as well as here in the US. You can see more about Dick on the demonstration page here, and also on his website (http://www.dickgerard.com).

Dick will be teaching "Turning Wooden Spheres" using cup chucks. You will be able to turn and complete a sphere in class. This also includes how to make a MT jig and how to make cup chucks. He will also cover decorating your spheres.

You will need superglue and accelerator as well as a 3/4 x 10 threaded live center for this class.